• My Oodles of Poodles


    Perdi whelped 9 puppies on 7-20-18. 7 boys and 2 girls...all brown and white parti.


    All of Perdi's puppies from her July 2018 litter have found wonderful homes, but if you'd like to be on a waiting list for Perdi's next litter, just contact us.


    We will update this page and our Facebook page once she's expecting again. Look for a pregnancy announcement around January 2019.


    Located in beautiful Greenville, SC. We're a small, family-owned breeder of purebred, standard poodles. Our puppies are highly intelligent, companionable, and non-shedding. We produce trainable, loving and affectionate family pets.


    Purebred standards are remarkable, but we encourage you to research the breed to make sure a standard poodle is the right breed for you.

  • About Us

    Who are we?

    Jeremy, Emily, Tucker & Colin


    Along with my husband and two sons, Tucker and Colin, we hand raise our puppies until they go to their forever homes. Our puppies remain indoors with us, and we begin their socialization immediately.


    Socialization is extremely important. We make sure that the puppies receive individual attention throughout the day. We take them on rides, let them play outside (if temperature warrants), accustom them to various noises, and introduce them to bathing, grooming, and clipping.


    Jeremy and I are both SC natives. We fell in love with the standard poodle breed because of their high intelligence, loyalty, and their non-shedding coat.


    Along with Perdi, we now have a sweet little apricot parti named Weber. Once he matures, he will be available to stud for selected females.


    We're active members of Second Presbyterian Church.



  • The Dam & Sire

    Who is mom?

    Perdita's Puddle Parti

    Call Name: Perdi

    Age: 3

    Color: Silver Beige Parti, Liver Points

    Weight: 37 lbs

    Height: 20 inches (highest point at withers)


    Perdi, also known as Perdita's Puddle Parti, is a 3 year old standard parti poodle. She is registered through the American Canine Association (ACA) and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC). She is current on all of her vaccinations and receives regular heartworm preventative medication via Revolution. She is also OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip certified "Excellent" and has a negative canine brucellosis screening. She has been health tested through Paw Prints Genetics for Von Willebrand Disease I (vWdI), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD), and Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEwS) ALL CLEAR. You can view her test results and Prints Pedigree on a link in the "Contact Us" section.


    As a puppy, Perdi was a very dark brown and white parti. As common in the poodle breed, her color changed by the time she reached 2 years old. Though her papers say brown and white, she's technically silver beige and white. She's quite striking with her unique coloring.


    She has a wonderful temperament; not hyper, high maintenance, or too talkative. She makes friends easily after giving a good sniff. She's great with our two young sons, and has been great with any and all visitors, including all children, that she's been around. She has no issues with separation anxiety or resource guarding.


    She spends most of her time cuddled up on our couches and chairs, or snuggled up to one of us in bed. She's perfected the "poodle lean," and enjoys leaning against those she's endeared to.


    Perdi is a great mom. She is very attentive to her puppies, keeping them clean, warm, and loved. She produces an abundance of milk, keeping her little ones thriving. She is very comfortable having outsiders around her puppies.


    Who is dad?


    Rigby is here for the Parti

    Call Name: Rigby


    Color: Red Parti, Liver Points

    Weight: 52 lbs

    Height: 25 inches (highest point at withers)


    Rigby is the Sire of Perdi's second litter. His owners are Brent and Staci McDowell of Thomasville, NC. They also own and operate Kenzie's Doodles, which produce beautiful doodle puppies. You can find them on Facebook. We're very fortunate that they agree Perdi and Rigby will make a great match and produce beautiful puppies together.


    Rigby is a rare, and absolutely gorgeous, red and white parti standard poodle with liver points from an AKC bloodline. He's at a great weight of 52 lbs, which is very complementary to Perdi's 37 lbs. They are sure to have an abundance of beautiful parti puppies, with exceptional coloring.


    Rigby is not only handsome, he has a personality to match. His temperament is excellent. He's comfortable around other dogs, and he's great with children and adults alike. Like Perdi, his owners keep him, and their other dogs inside and spoil them rotten. Brent and Staci are experienced breeders, too, and like us, are not backyard breeders or a puppy mill.


    He is registered through the American Kennel Club (AKC), and has had DNA testing through the AKC, and clear of PRA (progressive retinal atrophy, DM (degenerative myelopathy), NE (neonatal encephallopathy, and vWD (Von Willebrand Disease) through parentage. He is fully vaccinated and has received a negative brucellosis screening.

  • Stud Services

    Weber's Pudelhund Parti


    Call Name: Weber

    Whelped: 07/23/2018

    Color: Apricot Parti, Black Points

    Weight: TBD

    Height: TBD

    He is UKC championed sired, and is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club). CKC (Continental Kennel Club), and ACA (American Canine Association) registration are in the works.


    His dam is AKC silver beige parti and sire is AKC/UKC cream parti,


    He will be working towards his AKC Good Citizen title and AKC trick titles.


    Before age 1, he will be genetically and coat color tested through a reputable genetics lab for NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures), PRA-PRCD, PRCD (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration), and vWd1 (Von Willebrand Disease 1)


    At age 2, he will be OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified for hip, eye, and thyroid, and will receive his CHIC number (Canine Health Information Center)


    He will be available to stud at age 1, and prior to OFA certification, for a reduced amount. At age 2, his stud fee will increase.


    We do not offer collection and shipment of sperm at this time for artificial insemination (AI).


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/e2d5f7c5-7203-4224-93e4-ec499bcb2310/Page 1 Stud Contract (3).docx?id=136887

    Bitch Requirements:

    Before contacting, please review the Stud Contract. If you agree to the conditions, please feel free to contact us at 803-767-3704.


    Bitches are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Your bitch must be at least 2 years old by the time of breeding. Your bitch must be fully vaccinated (dhpp, bordatella, and rabies), current on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Your bitch must also have a clear brucellosis screening within 3 months of breeding. You will be asked to provide proof of the above.


    Your bitch must also be registered, and proof of registration must be provided.


    We highly recommend that your bitch be genetically tested, but this is not a requirement.


    Cash payment is required before any breeding commences.


    If bitch is not local, she will be lodged inside our home for a duration of no more than 5 days. $10 per day after 5.


    Bitch's owner is responsible for providing food for the duration of her stay.


    We will provide a copy of stud's registration, pedigree, genetic testing, OFA results, and clear brucellosis screening to bitch's owner, if requested.


    Contract will be filled out in person on 2 part carbonless paper. Stud Owner will retain white copy, and Bitch Owner will retain yellow copy.



  • Adoption, Pricing, & Health Guarantee

    All the information you need to consider...

    Adoption Process

    If you are interested in adopting one of Perdi's puppies, you will need to contact us to make a reservation. In order to reserve your puppy, we do require a non-refundable deposit (to secure a sale) of $500. This deposit will be applied to the total cost, and can be paid by cash or credit card, no exceptions. The remaining balance due will need to be paid prior to, or the day of, pickup. Picks of the litter go in order of deposit received. We do not ship our puppies; however, we are willing to make arrangements to meet you at a mutually beneficial location. Please review our the contract below for more information.


    The deposit will only hold your puppy until 8 weeks of age. After 8 weeks, if you have not paid your remaining balance, you will forfeit your deposit and reservation, and the puppy will go to another happy family on our waiting list (unless alternate arrangements have been made). On the day of pickup, we'll go over and sign the contract/agreement. We do reserve the right not to sell a puppy. We do reserve the right not to accept a deposit/payment and/or return a deposit/payment if we feel an individual/family is not prepared to adopt a puppy, or if we feel it is not in the puppy's best interest.


    In the interest, care, and safety of the puppies, only those prepared to place a deposit will be allowed to come and handle the puppies. You may be asked to remove your shoes, and you will be required to sanitize your hands.


    All puppies are given a dewormer at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 weeks (if puppy is still in our possession). They're also given their first vaccinations by the Humane Society of Greenville, will have dew claws removed and their tails docked to standard specifications by a licensed veterinarian. Both the dew claw removal and the tail docking procedure will be performed by a licensed veterinarian at Holly Tree Animal Hospital in Simpsonville, SC. Our veterinarian numbs the tails and paws before removal, so that the puppy experiences the least amount of pain possible. In addition to the core vaccinations (DHPP: distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), I give the puppies a NeoPar vaccination, which also helps prevent the parvovirus.


    When you pick your puppy up, you'll also go home with (subject to change):

    • an "Info & Tips" sheet
    • grain-free Taste of the Wild dry puppy food
    • treats
    • paperwork for Continental Kennel Club (CKC) and American Canine Association (ACA) registries.
    •  3 generational pedigree from CKC and ACA
    • a puppy packet filled with first vaccination records and dewormer schedule
    • a small blanket 
    • a chew toy


    Our puppies cost $1250 or $1450 each. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy, and this deposit is applied to the total cost.


    All solids (may also have less than 50% white coloring such as abstract marks) are $1250 each. After your deposit, $750 will be due at pick-up.


    All parti-colored (two colors with white being 50% or more) are $1450. After your deposit, $950 will be due at pick-up.


    Health Guarantee

    We have done our best to make sure that the puppies are born healthy, and continue to thrive under our supervision.


    We recommend you review our Puppy Contract and Receipt of Deposit forms, see below, for more detailed information about the Health Guarantee. Contract and Receipt will be filled out in person on two-part carbonless paper, no need to print your own copies.


    We guarantee your puppy to be free of any congenital disease until the puppy attains the age of one (1) year.


    Our female has been hip certified as "Excellent" by the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA). If you would like a copy of her OFA certification, we are more than happy to provide that. We guarantee your puppy against severe crippling hip dysplasia until the dog attains the age of two (2) years.


    Both sire and dam have had negative canine brucellosis screenings. Dam has been health tested and CLEARED by Paw Prints Genetics, and sire has had DNA testing by the AKC, and parentage is health tested and clear.


  • References

    What our new puppy owners are saying...

    The Clarks

    Simpsonville, SC


    "Beginnings are important, and when it comes to a puppy you want one that has been loved and cared for from the beginning. Perdi's puppies receive individual attention and love from the moment they are born, making them incredibly well suited for life in a family of friends. Our Penny is as smart and sweet as a dog can be, and we know that is because of her altruistic breed and her amazing beginning!" --Sarah Clark 03/08/2018

    Deanna Caudill

    Roanoke, VA


    "The Weaver family made a decision to open their house up to some beautiful puppies and gave my best friend life. He helps me feel understood and loves me unconditionally. We have the most fun together. Emily really loves what she does and that's why I decided to travel from VA to meet her family and puppies. She put together the perfect package for me and is so professional." --Deanna Caudill 03/10/2018

    The Damerons

    Lexington, SC


    "From day one to today, the road to finding my/our newest beloved furry family member was blessed. Emily and her family gave this baby love from the beginning, which I believe, combined with the complete heath care, has made all the difference. Our Peppa is one of the best dogs I have had the priviledge to love. She is incredibly well mannered, loving, and adaptable to everything. I can't say enough great things about how truly honored I feel to have received such a wonderful new family member!" --Bobbie Dameron 03/13/2018

    The Hinsons

    Greenville, SC


    "We met Beauregard when he was two weeks old, and said Weavers, and we are absolutely in love with Beau. "Yes!" immediately. He is growing into a lovely, spirited boy. He loves everyone, especially children, and couldn't be sweeter. His favorite things include playing fetch, seeing his buds at Astro Kennels, and stealing sandwiches. We are so grateful to have found the Weavers, and we are absolutely in love with Beau. " --Sara Hinson 03/21/2018

    The Bices

    Pelion, SC


    "We love our beautiful Alice (aka Purple) that we got from Emily Weaver at My Oodles of Poodles. She was a gift to our daughter and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is very intelligent (knew how to sit and shake at 9 weeks old). She is playful and loves our family almost as much as we love her. " --Kim Bice 03/31/2018

    The Thompsons

    Greer, SC


    "Joy is a precious part of our household. We are so lucky that the Weavers brought her into our lives. From the beginning, it was wonderful getting regular photos and videos from Emily, so we could see her growing up with near constant love and attention in their home. I know that was a labor of love that has paid off. Joy has a wonderful temperament: she is always curious, never fearful, and brings happiness and joy into our lives everyday. " --Wallis Thompson 04/26/2018

    Dena and Jason

    Atlanta, GA


    "We loved our experience with Emily and My Oodles of Poodles! We have not gotten a puppy through a breeder before so I was a little nervous, but talking with Emily immediately put me at ease, and our entire experience was so much fun. Emily kept in constant contact even before the puppies were born, and we also followed on Facebook. She is very friendly and knowledgeable, and answered our many many questions. We were able to meet our puppy several times after she was born, which I think made her feel more comfortable traveling home with us. At all times it was clear how much Emily and her family care for the puppies and their welfare. They were handled often, she got them used to home sounds like thunder and vacuums, they went to the vet in a car, and were exposed to the outdoors as well as children. Since coming home, it is even more evident as Ellie, our puppy is very well socialized with a calm temperament, learning quickly, and is very cuddly--basically a dream dog. We also love momma, Perdi!" --Dena Hynes 10/04/2018

    The Smiths

    Mount Pleasant, SC


    " Emily, thank you again for making it possible for the Smith Family to have adopted the best puppy ever. We already can't imagine life without him. We knew from the start that you were the breeder for us--no outside kennels, all dogs raised in your loving home. I will definitely be recommending "My Oodles of Poodles" to anyone who asks."--Kit Smith 10/04/2018

    Ashleigh Page

    Hanahan, SC


    " Thank you for my new angel, Otis. He is so adorable. You can tell he had much love you and your family have given him. He is already house trained, cage trained, and walks on a leash at 11 weeks. We appreciate everything. Thank you."--Ashleigh Page 10/05/2018

    Candace Collins

    Pickens, SC


    " Every day is a great day with my amazing pup, Titus. Titus has a great temperament. He is smart, friendly, and easy to train. His transition from the Weaver's home to my home was effortless. Potty training, confidence, grooming, vet visits, and socialization was also simple and fun for Titus. When he left the Weaver home at 8 weeks, Titus had immense love and background knowledge of the world. I love Titus and I am extremely happy that I got him from this awesome breeder."--Candace Collins 10/06/2018

    The Powers

    Summerville, SC


    " We loved our experience with Emily and My Oodles of Poodles! She was very professional and easy to work with. She kept in close contact with updates throughout the entire adoption process. We really enjoyed receiving pictures! We love our Peppa, and we know that Peppa was loved and well cared for in the Weaver home from the beginning.."--Laura Powers 10/15/2018

    Elizabeth Baxley

    Seneca, SC


    " I am so thankful for Emily Weaver and her amazing family! They gave me my best friend and I am forever grateful for them. Emily was so understanding and willing to work with me so that I could get the best puppy for me. She always kept me updated on the puppies and let me visit whenever I wanted! Emily is an amazing breeder! I recommend her to anyone who wants a puppy who has been loved and cared for from the start!."--

    Elizabeth Baxley 10/18/2018

    The Weavers

    Greer, SC


    "We are absolutely in love with our Digory (and find no coincidence that one of his markings looks like a heart)!!! His personality is as sweet and gentle as his precious face and he has become the best companion for our boys. We are thankful for Emily and her family--they worked with us to make sure we got the best dog for our family, and you can tell how much love and care they pour into the puppies before they go 'home.' We would highly recommend My Oodles of Poodles."--

    Melissa Weaver 10/26/2018

  • Local Resources

    and maybe a few other not-so-local resources that we find helpful...

    We do NOT receive any reimbursement from the resources below. They're posted because we like them; simple as that.

    The Greenville Humane Society


    305 Airport Rd.
    Greenville, SC 29607


    Adoption, Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter, Food, Toys, Collars/Leashes, etc.


    The Barkery Bistro


    2123 B Augusta Street
    Greenville, SC 29605


    Gourmet Treats/Food, Grooming, Toys, Collars/Leashes, etc.


    Holly Tree Animal Hospital


    1332 S Highway 14
    Simpsonville, SC 29681


    Veterinary Care. Dr. Shrum and Dr. Wallach


    Wag! A Unique Pet Boutique


    231-A N. Main Street
    Hendersonville, NC 28792


    Gourmet and specialty treats, toys, leashes, food, pet supplies, etc.


    Twiggy Mutt

    Etsy Store: Dog Diaper Belly Bands and Paw Bells. Free Shipping over $40


    Located in Thousand Oaks, California

    Over 5,000 sales and has been in business since 2011


    Animal Emergency Clinic


    393 Woods Lake Rd

    Greenville, SC 29607


    Emergency Veterinary Services

    Compassionate after-hours care

    AEC Blood Bank

    AAHA Accredited


    Kristi's Fancy K-9's


    3361 Augusta Hwy

    Gilbert, SC 29054


    Full service show-cut quality grooming for all dog breeds.


    Kristi is the owner, and she's been in business since 2000. She has a team of stylists with a combined experience of over 80 years.


    Stylist Kim Bice is the human mom to one of Perdi's puppies. Alice is sure to always look pretty, and so can your puppy. Kim has over 13 years experience.


    Paw Print Genetics and Pedigrees


    220 E. Rowan, Suite 220
    Spokane, WA 99207


    Highest Industry Standards and Accuracy

    Our laboratory is staffed with expertly trained geneticists, veterinarians, and technicians. We are equipped with the latest testing technology and analyze each mutation with two independent methods to provide you the highest accuracy in the industry.

    • All mutations offered are based on the published, medical literature
    • Board-certified geneticist by the American Board of Medical Genetics on staff
    • Each mutation is tested twice, with two independent methods
    • All results are reviewed and reported by both a PhD geneticist and a veterinarian
    • Majority of test results accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    • Diagnostic-grade DNA extracted from a variety of accepted sample types
    • Breed-specific panels ensure you order the right tests for your breed
    • Ability to choose panels or individual tests for your dog
    • Online account management of your orders and your dogs
    • Update or add registration numbers or names to your dogs at any time
    • Easily transfer your dog's information and results to new owners
    • Free access to Paw Print Pedigrees® to show off your kennel and your dogs' testing results
    • Detailed reports and certificates for each dog, always available from your secure account






    2700 Woodruff Rd J

    Simpsonville, SC 29681


    Pet Supply, Grooming, Self-Wash